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We are a group of organizations and individuals whose goal is to promote monarch butterfly conservation as well as advocating for the protection of important pollinator habitat. 

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When will I see monarchs in my area?

Southwest Monarch Study's estimated peak migration dates, based on data from tagged monarchs, will give you an idea of when to expect to see monarchs during fall migration at your latitude. Journey North maintains a map of current monarch sightings that shows when monarchs are being observed across the country.

News and Announcements

AMC is having its in-person meeting on August 20th at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

The collaborative is inviting representatives from organizations and agencies working on monarch and pollinator conservation to attend. Please use this link to register. Meeting Registration Link 

Western Monarch Numbers Lower Than Last Year's Numbers. January 2024

The Xerces Society’s Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count for 2023 showed a decrease to 233,394 monarch butterflies compared to 335,479 monarch butterflies observed across western overwintering sites for 2022. However, the population remains more than 95% below its size in the 1980s, when low millions were observed most years. https://xerces.org/blog/western-monarch-count-tallies-233394-butterflies

Pollinator Habitat at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Watch the short video below from our August 2022 field trip to Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Park Manager Andrew Young speaks about efforts to restore and improve monarch and pollinator habitat within park boundaries.

tonto monarch.mp4

Add Arizona Monarch Conservation Actions to the WAFWA Map!

If you've taken actions to help conserve monarchs, please report them to the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies' Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool (CHAT). We want to show all the great things that are going on in Arizona!